First tests on VLF at DK7FC in Heidelberg

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First tests on VLF at DK7FC in Heidelberg

Message par F4DTL » 09 juin 2011, 20:17


Tomorrow i plan to do first tests on 8970 Hz on my fixed antenna in
Heidelberg, ... jn49ik00WD It is about
30m up.

I'll start doing some resonating tests and may come on air in the
afternoon. The small PA (max. 300W) will be used in this first test
since it is easier to manage. Maybe the resonance will be some kHz
higher but i hope to come down into the Dreamers Band (TM).

I expect to be visible on "local" grabbers like DF6NM, OE3GHB and
OK2BVG. If all works well i plan to transmit a longer dash, maybe 6000
seconds and later a short message in DFCW-600, like "K" or so, just for
the proof and to get a first impression about the efficiency of this

I had the idea to buy some flexible aluminium tube to form a toroid that
will be placed on the top of the coil. Tis reduces the maximum E field
and adds some C, that might be needed to come down to 8970 Hz...

Of course all this depends on the absence of rain but now i don't need
wind! Therefore, the signals will be about 20 dB lower, probably.

The signal will be overload my grabber ... abber.html
that is in about 20 m (!) distance. Hopefully it gets not damaged due to
several 10 kV on the wire.

Is there someone who will watch for that signal?

Reports would be very apprechiated!

73, CU, Stefan/DK7FC


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