Austria on VLF

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Austria on VLF

Message par F4DTL » 02 janvier 2011, 19:41

Dear dreamers, LF,

I am pleased to announce that both Gerhard OE3GHB and Ossi OE5ODL were visible on my VLF grabber again today. Gerhard appeared on 8970.04 between 9:30 and 12 UT, Ossi just below 8969.90 from 14:30 to 17 UT, with traces confirmed by comparison to their local grabbers. Both were using their LF antennas at home, and the distances covered were 413 km from Gaweinstal and 221 km from Schildorn.

The first appearance of OE5ODL in Heidelberg and Nuernberg happened on Nov. 27th, when he was using a 90 m helium balloon topload extension. OE3GHB was first visible in Nuernberg last Tuesday (Dec. 28th), with frequency, drift rate and times of operation positively verified a posteriori. Additional transmissions from OE3GHB in the meantime (last Friday and Saturday) were not detected here, presumably due to higher QRN. However a trace has been picked up by Lubos OK2BVG at about 40 km.

Best regards,

(DF6NM 49.41576N 11.13502E)


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